CYNNER.G, a Holcom Group entity, specialized in numerous technological fields and business sectors.

We offer a full spectrum of solutions ranging from connectivity to the full-fledged data center solutions, in addition to cloud-based services and cyber security. We are an official channel, reseller and delivery partner of BT (British Telecom) Global Services, diligently serving clients in the EMEA region.

Our mission is to make technology an asset to every business and ensure our clients stay one step ahead with our turnkey solutions.

Committed to continually pursuing technical innovation, our solutions and services have been carefully selected to add value to our clients, while also addressing industry specific challenges in various sectors. Our aim is to constantly pioneer technology and expertise, enhance financial capacities, build enduring partnerships with clients and forge trustworthy alliances to ensure growth and success.

Focus on what really matters to you

Amid all the global changes, threats and disruptors (outdated technology, data leaks, ransomware attacks, etc.), the IT part of a company needs to be dynamic and focused.

The information technology landscape is indeed in a constant state of transformation thus the need to be more agile and responsive. Corporates and people need a business partner with the right expertise that they can rely on, so that they focus on what really matters to them: their business continuity, their family and their social and health lives. CYNNER.G can be this Business Partner!